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DSCF3557St. Gerard Majella School’s specialization is a conflict resolution program with the goal of removing negative attitudes and behaviors in order to bring about a positive and peaceful atmosphere in which every child will feel happy and safe. This positive environment encourages each child to achieve his or her potential, improve self-esteem and gain the ability to resolve conflicts in a positive manner. This program also empowers older students to gain leadership skills and build character.

Our religious values enhance our ability to make this program successful. While the conflict resolution program has been in effect for eight years, these concepts have always been the cornerstone of our religious program. Our goal is to have the children apply the principles learned in their religious instruction to daily conflicts. These skills are intended to last a lifetime.

DSCF3510This program has resulted in mutual respect between the peer mediators and the other students. Younger students look up to the mediators and strive to become one as they advance in grade which reinforces the positive behavior.

Parents are very proud of their children when they are chosen to participate in this program, as they place the recognition pin on the child at the annual installation ceremony in November.

The entire student body takes on a leadership role through the buddy system that is used during the year at liturgies and various other activities. The younger children are taught through the example of their buddies.

Since the threat of bullying has been eliminated in our school, students enjoy the freedom to ask questions and participate in discussions in a more relaxed and positive environment. Children learn to accept and respect individual differences.


St. Gerard Majella School offers several notable academic programs. We have a state of the art Science Lab that allows students to perform hands on experiments. This has created increased interest in science and improved understanding of concepts.

St. Gerard Majella School is proud to participate in the Talent 21 Grant. “Teaching and Learning with Essential New Technologies in the 21st Century (Talent21)” from the New Jersey State Department of Education, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This grant will help to establish 21st century learning environments in grades six and seven that blend physical and digital infrastructures to seamlessly support learning. Our students use individual laptops as they work on every day lessons and their teachers received extensive training on implementing this innovative program. The principal, Sr. Jo-Ann Pompa, M.P.F. when asked about the Talent 21 Grant enthused, “Our students are excited about and interested in learning. The science and technology that this program has brought, challenges our students to perform at a higher level than ever before.”

The Extended Learning Opportunity Program, using the web-based Study Island, is a pilot program this year. It is an on-line study program that will be implemented as a bridge program to eliminate skill loss during the summer months. It will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual class. All students entering Grades 4 – 8 will participate.

State and Federal Entitlement Funds
NJ State Sponsored Programs
Federally Sponsored Programs $4,238.00


Safe Environment Information
Criminal History Background Checks
Percentage of Employees completed 100%
Percentage of Volunteers completed 100%


Financial Information
Total cost to educate per student —-
Base tuition charge – single student $3,600.00


Catholic Identity
Percentage of students involved in civic or social outreach —-
Number of liturgical and para-liturgical events held each month 4
Percentage of faculty who are Catholic 100%
Percentage of students who are Catholic 93%


Enrollment and Demographics
Total enrollment (all grades) 231
Total school capacity (all grades) 252
Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Enrollment 10
Percentage of students who are Catholic 93%
Percent of students returning from previous school year 90%


School Day
Total Length of the School Day (minutes) 420 420
Total Instructional Time per day for a student (minutes) 390
Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Enrollment 10
Percentage of students who are Catholic 93%
Percent of students returning from previous school year 90%


Class of 2011: Graduate Followup
Number of graduates in the Class of 2011 21
Number of Class of 2011 graduates who began their education in this school 10


Percent of teachers holding NJ Teaching Certification 100%
Percent of teachers holding advanced degrees (Masters or higher) —-
Student to teacher ratio (Students to 1 teacher) 26
Percent of returning Teachers from previous year 100%


Academic Performance (Terra Nova)
(Based on Spring 2011 Testing)
This chart presents data for all students in the school as a single group. Below Average Average Above Average
Reading 14.0% 75.3% 10.8%
Language 23.7% 60.2% 16.1%
Mathematics 36.6% 58.1% 5.4%
Science 29.0% 62.4% 8.6%
Social Studies 17.2% 63.4% 19.4%


Academic Growth (Terra Nova)
(Based on Spring 2010 and Spring 2011 Testing)
This chart presents data for all students in the school as a single group. Percentage of Students Showing At Least One Year of Academic Growth
Reading 76.5%
Language 69.1%
Mathematics 69.1%
Science 63.2%
Social Studies 82.4%


School website address :
Student to Computer ratio (Students to 1 Computer) 6
Per pupil expenditure for technology —-