History and Vision

St. Gerard Majella School


Forty-five years ago, St. Gerard Majella School opened its doors to the children of Paterson on October 3, 1965. Sr. Helen Mazurek, F.M.A. was the first principal and Fr. Trepasso was the first pastor. It began with 3 classrooms, first, second and third grades and each year another class was opened. For the next 35 years, it thrived under the guidance of the Salesian Sisters. As the 21st Century began, St. Gerard Majella School looked to a new leader, Filippini Sister Jo-Ann Pompa, M.P.F. The charism of both St. John Bosco and St. Lucy Filippini blend seamlessly together making the transition to a Filippini School an easy one. Sr. Jo-Ann’s ceaseless energy and dedication to our school family has allowed St. Gerard’s to soar to new heights in academic excellence.


St. Gerard School is committed to the Christian education of youth. Our school is guided by the Catholic philosophy of education, which stresses the harmonious development of the whole person in all basic areas: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic, and spiritual. This is accomplished with a Gospel Spirit of Love, so that the children can become good Christians and honest citizens. Inspired by the teachings and examples of St. Lucy Filippini and St. John Bosco, the patrons of educators and the friends of youth, we apply these Gospel values, which are based entirely on reason, religion, and above all, loving-kindness. Thus a wholesome family atmosphere is created and a feeling of mutual respect and trust reigns between school and students. The school staff acknowledges the trust given by the students’ parents and the parish community. We believe that only through the constant cooperation of these forces will the student become a person of true character. Therefore, the school seeks to promote communication and unity of efforts between itself, the home, the parish and the community. The message of St. Gerard School is one of vision and preparation for life which reaches fulfillment in the gift of one’s self through service to God and to others in the imitation of Christ.